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When our partner, the Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary in Thailand, found Uno the tiny pup, he was struggling for his life in a patch of overgrown jungle. Just a few weeks old, his body harbored two large cysts, one on his side and one ravaging his neck. Uno’s one eye was wounded and sticky with infection.

The Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary team rushed him to the sanctuary where a veterinarian confirmed he is blind in one eye.

Uno went to live at home with Denise Emsley, the wonderful sanctuary director, who cared for him round the clock for weeks – providing Uno with food every few hours, even through the night, and medicine to rid him of parasites. She bathed him regularly until his crusted skin became soft again and his hair started to grow into the beautiful mane he has today.


It took Uno a long time to trust Denise and to come out of a dark depression. But slowly, the love Denise showered him with began to soak in - eventually he let his guard down and Denise could pat his head, stroke his back, and even tickle his tummy!

When Uno was stronger and assured of his safety, he joined the other dogs at the sanctuary. Freshly built, the sanctuary was the perfect playground for Uno to enjoy his first taste of his new life.

Cautiously exploring the grassy garden, and clambering onto the raised beds, Uno met the staff and the other dogs, making a friend for life in Lottie.

Remember Lottie? Uno and Lottie became best friends at the sanctuary, playing catch with the other dogs and chasing many birds and butterflies together.

Uno is still a very cautious dog, barking at changes of furniture and new people, but we’re happy to report that he’s blossomed into a social young dog. Uno lives for playtime, where he runs as one with the pack, sharing toys, playing chase, and getting into as much mischief as he can! Uno loves to go walking, enjoys morning hikes around Sangkhlaburi's countryside and quickly learned from brave Lottie how much fun it is to swim in the nearby river.

From Death’s Door to safety, a full recovery and confidence - all thanks to Denise Emsley and her passionate Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary staff who Network for Animals (NFA) has been so pleased to support for several years - we are now thrilled to announce that thanks to a grant from our Little Acts of Kindness program, Uno HAS NOW ARRIVED at his FOREVER HOME in Canada.

From left to right: Uno with his new doggy brother, Chance; Uno loving life in his new home

Uno’s story is the kind of success story that makes the hard work, sleepless nights and tears of worry all worth it – both at the sanctuary and for all of us at NFA. Uno was close to death when he was rescued, he grew healthier and happier each day, and now he can move on to his forever family and have the life he truly deserves.

This is the sort of story our supporters make possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


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