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Yet again, Network for Animals has had a busy and challenging month saving animals around the world. Without your generous donations, we wouldn’t have been able to do any of it. Here’s how your support helped hundreds of animals this August.

Tanzanian donkey slaughterhouse to SHUT DOWN!

hanks to your help, Network for Animals has achieved a massive victory for donkeys! The Tanzanian government has agreed to our plea for it to shut down one of Africa’s biggest donkey slaughterhouses in Shinyanga. Last month, we sent a team to Tanzania to do an undercover investigation of the slaughterhouse. What we found was cruelty like we have never before witnessed - thousands of donkeys trucked in from neighboring countries being bludgeoned to death so their skins can be sold on the illegal donkey skin market. We were determined to put a stop to this and arranged a meeting with the Tanzanian government.

Thanks to the funds you helped us raise, we sent our representative back to Dodoma to meet with the relevant officials. And victory! We convinced the government to ban the slaughter of donkeys and trade in donkey products. The permit originally issued to the owners of the slaughterhouse has been revoked with immediate effect, and the slaughterhouse has been given notice to close its doors. We could not have done this without our supporters. YOUR donations have helped to spare the lives of thousands of gentle, innocent animals, and they are so grateful to you. We will keep you posted on the progress of the shutdown.



In Turkey, horrific runaway wildfires have swept along the coast, injuring and killing thousands of helpless animals. As soon as we received news of the fires, we leaped into action. Sadly, it’s the animals who suffer most during these disasters, as people flee to save themselves, leaving their pets and livestock to fend for themselves. We put out an emergency plea, and thanks to supporters like you, we were able to rush emergency aid to the effective organization Haytap to provide food and medical care to the hundreds of cats, dogs and other animals affected by the fires.


Bela Bela, South Africa

In the impoverished township of Bela Bela in Limpopo, South Africa, desperate people rely on donkeys to eke out a living, using these animals to cart materials such as scrap metal and junk. Tragically, many of these donkeys are treated as simply a means to an end. They are malnourished, overworked and abused. As soon as we were alerted to several cases of severe donkey abuse in the area, we traveled to the dangerous region along with our partner, the Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary (HAHES), supported by local police. Here, we confiscated Sophie - the most emaciated donkey we’d ever seen - and two other badly abused donkeys. All three were taken to a place of safety for treatment and rehabilitation. We will continue to work closely with our local partners to monitor the situation and educate donkey owners in the region.

While in Bela Bela, we also microchipped working donkeys so that the owners can be held accountable if their donkeys are ever found in a poor state. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to rehabilitate Sophie and her friends and keep donkey owners accountable through the use of these microchips.


California, United States

No sooner had flames engulfed Turkey when more fires flared up in the Western USA, burning through several states. Again, the animals were at the forefront of our minds - the countless cats, dogs, livestock and wildlife that would be trapped and burned. Once again, your support poured in, and we were able to rush emergency assistance to the animals who needed to be evacuated, saved, treated and rehabilitated. Your generosity helped save countless innocent creatures from death by fire.


East Lamu, Kenya

In the rural town of Faza, East Lamu, we set up a week-long mass sterilization drive and free animal health clinic together with our partner, the Kenyan Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA). The aim was to tackle the growing street-cat problem in the region, but once on the ground, we realized the problem was far greater than we’d anticipated. With no vets in the region, animals are left to suffer and die when ill, or live lives of pain and hardship. We couldn’t walk away and do nothing! Our Kenyan animal clinic appeal aims to raise enough money to set up a long-term veterinary clinic in Faza. We already have animal experts on the ground eager to help. Now, we must raise the funds for the equipment and facilities they need to start treating the animals. These animals deserve proper care and a life free of suffering! We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the clinic.


Cape Town, South Africa

You may recall Stella, the little dog hung from a bridge by ropes when her ‘family’ no longer wanted her. We knew we had to help with Stella’s treatment, and you came through for us! Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to contribute towards Stella’s recovery. We are happy to report that with patience, love and care, Stella has made a miraculous recovery and is being taken care of by Cheryl Lyn of Cheryl Lyn’s Rescue Organization, who helped to save her. Although Stella suffers from slight brain damage and memory loss as a result of her heartbreaking experience, she is happy, playful and even starting to wag her tail again. You helped save a broken soul and give her the life she deserves!


Kefalonia, Greece

We were alerted to the plight of a sick kitten suffering on the streets. She was tiny and malnourished, with a severe eye infection. Our partner on the ground, Friends of Animals Kefalonia, managed to capture the kitten, who we named Pumpkin, and get her to a vet. Thanks to quick, professional treatment, the infection was brought under control. The vet estimates that Pumpkin only has partial vision in one eye, but this isn’t holding her back! Today, Pumpkin is a bright and sprightly little girl who races around as if she has 20/20 vision! Best of all, she’s found her forever home. She’s loved and spoiled and living just like a normal cat. As always, we would never be able to help animals like Pumpkin without your ongoing and generous support.


Thanks to your help, Network for Animals fights for every single animal’s life. Once again, thank you for your generous donations, which have made these life-saving campaigns possible.

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